About Doyel Ai

Doyel Ai represents innovation and a nod to nature's beauty. Born from inspirations in artificial intelligence and the captivating essence of the Doyel bird, our origin is intertwined with Bangladesh's rich heritage.

Founder's Insight - Simul Sarker

Simul Sarker, with a foundation in Bangladesh and now a significant presence in Lisbon, Portugal, blends design proficiency with development acumen. His admiration for the Doyel bird, symbolizing joy and beauty, and previously featured on currency, fuels the ethos of Doyel Ai.

The Mission of Doyel Ai

Doyel Ai stands at the crossroads of cutting-edge AI products and paying homage to nature's gems. Our aim is to push boundaries in AI while ensuring we underscore the importance of conserving nature's wonders.

Our Global Footprint

From Lisbon to the vibrant heart of Bangladesh, Doyel Ai's impact resonates globally. We pride ourselves on a diverse team dedicated to meshing design, development, and forward-thinking.

Join Our Flight Forward

With Doyel Ai poised to make waves in the AI arena, we welcome you to join our journey. It's a trek through the AI frontier and a celebration of the motifs that inspire our identity. At Doyel Ai, we look beyond just AI; it's a union of innovation and shared heritage.